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Alex Moye is making his next big move in 2021

Alex Moye was making moves in the music world when I originally interviewed him in October 2020, and now he’s about to make his biggest splash yet. His full-length album All I Need drops on June 16, and the single “Blinded” is out now, followed by “Sand and the Ocean” this Friday, May 14. His unique way of merging the creative with the practical is about to shake up the dance/electronic genre.

I caught up with Alex recently to talk about his upcoming music and how his plans for the rest of the year are evolving. Here’s what he had to tell me.

Brittany Frederick: What’s been your plan for putting out new music?

Alex Moye: The plans kept changing over the past couple of months. I was originally going to release this one single and just keep working on new stuff and keep coming out with singles as I finished them. Then I decided I was going to wait until I finished a bunch and then just release one single at a time. What I’m doing now is I’m putting out a single called “Blinded” – I really liked the song a lot – and then I’m going to release another single called “Sand and the Ocean.” And then I’m releasing an album worth of contents a month after that, in June. So it’ll be three releases, I guess, in total. And after the album, I’ll probably push one as a single.

I haven’t decided on all that yet, but I have an album’s worth of content, of songs done now, ready to go out, and I’m really excited about it. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do; something on a bucket list, I guess, is to actually put out an album.

BF: Since our last interview, your home state of Florida has begun opening back up and relaxing its COVID-19 restrictions. What impact has that had on you while you get ready to promote the record?

AM: When I first started releasing music, any idea of actually going out and playing a show or performing in any way at all [was] just completely out the window. But that’s something I’ve been putting some thought into just because living in Florida, with the exception of maybe Miami and some other places, all of Florida is pretty open. You can just go out and they have some rules, whatever they may be.

I’ve been taking that into consideration as to what I want to do after these releases. Because that is also part of it that I haven’t done it so long is perform, and I miss it so much. I would love to get back out there and do that, and it’d just be a good time, so that’s something I’m planning over the next couple of weeks and months.

BF: One interesting side effect of the pandemic is that people have discovered new things they might not have otherwise sampled. Have new sounds found their way into your music over the last year? Is what we’re going to hear different from your original sound at all?

AM: My releases aren’t going to steer too far away from my main focus that I started off at the beginning, which is the electronic stuff. Maybe some tracks are a little less big EDM festival-y thing. But I have a ton of other tracks that I’ve been working on that I was really hoping that I’d be able to release them, but they just don’t really fit, honestly, with the rest of my releases. So I decided just to put those on hold and eventually, once I’m ready to release more music, I’ll probably switch it up a little bit as far as the type of genre that I’m putting out there.

There’s just so many other genres that I really am a fan of that I would love to get a little more involved with and just tinker with. More hip-hoppy stuff, alternative rock stuff, maybe dial back the electronic elements and put some more distorted guitars and real drums instead of everything be so electronica-based thing. So yes. I’m not necessarily going to put any of that music out in the next couple months, but after, when I’m ready for the next phase of releasing music, it’ll probably be switched up a little bit.

BF: That’s something great about you as an artist. Even though you have a very well-established sound, you’re also incredibly versatile as far as being willing and able to branch out. We just haven’t heard everything yet.

AM: There are some songs that I don’t think will ever see the light of day, because I’ll just have a random thought. I’ll just have a random idea for whatever it is. Sometimes I have a general sound in mind of what I want it to sound like as the final product. But a lot of times I just say, “All right. Let’s just start here and just see where we go, see where we end up.” I’ll go way out to left field, and by the time I’m done with it and I’m listening to it I’m like, “Yeah, I like this, but I don’t think anybody else is going to like this.” So I’ll just keep it in my folder on my computer.

Eventually once I get to enough of a catalog to where I want to branch out to different things, I think I’ll start sharing some of those tracks. But I do have some songs on my computer that are saved that are not necessarily anything that you would expect coming from me, given that everything’s been like dance-y stuff. Some of them are good. Some of them are a little interesting, to say the least. (laughs)

BF: How would you describe these two singles, then? What should we be listening out for?

AM: The whole appeal for me in this genre of music is the nightlife—the going out, grabbing a drink, hanging out with friends, late night kind of vibe. These first two singles fit that really well. I see people just driving in their car with a friend, on their way to some destination, wherever it may be and playing these songs pretty loud, if they want to. It fits that genre of dance club-y kind of vibes.

On the album as a whole, I have some songs that are a little more daytime-y, a little bit more optimistic. They’re still beat driven, but they’re not necessarily something that you would play at a club. One of the softest songs I’ve ever written—definitely very lovey-dovey and very just kind of tropical, house-y a little bit, so it’s a slower tempo—is going to be on this album.

But as far as these first two singles, if I had to describe [them] for people who haven’t heard, it has a fullness to the low end of it. And it’s just very based around going out clubbing, grabbing a drink, having a good time. I really liked the way these tracks turned out.

Pre-order All I Need now by clicking the cover art below. You can also find Alex Moye’s latest singles “Sand and the Ocean” and “Blinded” on iTunes and Apple Music; the former releases May 14.

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