Hi, my name is Brittany, and I’m a professional writer. Television addict. Maroon 5 fan. Verizon IndyCar Series junkie. That chick with the walker.

Welcome to my blog.

I’ve been a professional journalist for the last 18 years, ever since my high school writing teacher told me I was going to flunk out of college for having “an authority problem.” Currently I work for FanSided and AXS.com. I’m the one who keeps volunteering for everything and isn’t afraid of anything.


I cover a lot of television, but I also cover movies, music, theatre, sports, esports, and anything else that’s worth talking about. For the last three years I’ve worked concurrently as FanSided’s IndyCar beat reporter, because I keep trying to channel Scott Dixon and learned the hard way not to drop him off my IndyCar fantasy team.

Then on the weekends I’m a screenwriter, novelist and sometimes still wish I’d become a lawyer.

If you’re interested in my professional work you should check out my portfolio. This blog is for me personally, because I get to do a lot of unbelievable things and meet a lot of fantastic people, and I like to talk about them. And also wonder why the Padres are a dumpster fire. And sing at the top of my lungs even though I’m tone-deaf.

I live a really great life for someone who almost died at birth. And this is the place where I’m going to immortalize it, share it and laugh about it.

I’ll leave you with the quote I look at every day.

“Fitting in is boring for anyone who wants to be extraordinary.” – Adam Levine