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Brittany Frederick is celebrating 20 years as a professional journalist, having reached millions of readers worldwide with her stories in every major form of entertainment and almost every major sport. Now with TVBrittanyF.com, she’s telling stories that put artists first and provide readers with meaningful insight they’ve never had before.

Having worked with major names in television, film, music and sports, Brittany has established herself as a powerful and reliable voice for both artists and their fans alike. She prioritizes people in everything she does, from the first introduction to the last word on the page. She has a unique perspective as not just a reporter but a professional storyteller; when she’s not filing articles, she’s a screenwriter, novelist and playwright. That creativity comes through in every byline. And as a woman with a disability, she represents not one but two different communities.

Brittany has two college degrees and is a graduate of the California State Summer School for the Arts at CalArts. The state of California awarded her the Governor’s Medallion in Creative Writing when she was just 14 years old. But her favorite accomplishment is singing karaoke with Adam Levine and accidentally becoming a minor Internet celebrity.

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