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One Chicago: Three characters on the hot seat in 2021

Two weeks to a new One Chicago season—which also means new problems for the Chicago PD, Chicago Fire and Chicago Med characters. Chi-Hards know that there’s never an easy day on any of the hit television series!

With that in mind, I’ve picked the characters from each series that have the most to lose or most to gain, based on where the NBC franchise left them last season and what we know about what’s coming up for them when all of the shows return on Wednesday, September 22.

These are the people who have to make a move for one reason or another, and whose storylines should be major parts of their respective shows this fall. Will they make it through the challenges in front of them? Or could this season be the one that turns their lives upside down? Whatever happens, they’re the ones to watch.

CHICAGO MED — “Better Is The New Enemy Of Good” Episode 607 — Pictured: Brian Tee as Ethan Choi — (Photo by: Elizabeth Sisson/NBC)

Chicago Med: Dr. Ethan Choi (Brian Tee)

Choi is currently recovering from being shot, but common sense tells Chicago Med fans he won’t be in a hospital bed forever. Let’s think about his situation from the long-game perspective: this is the second time that Ethan has nearly died in an episode (after season 4’s “The Poison Inside Us” with the toxic chemicals). He’s had three life-threatening situations (add the hostage situation in season 5’s “A Needle in the Heart”). At what point does he stop, add all this up, and have it all sink in?

Plus, he has unfinished business with his right-hand man Dr. Dean Archer (Steven Weber), who’s going to be in charge of the Emergency Department for a while. Choi has been butting heads with his old friend about getting help for Archer’s post-traumatic stress and he’s probably going to have more conflict over how Archer decides to run the ED. That relationship should build to some kind of breaking point during Chicago Med season 7. Do they hash out their differences and finally get back on the same page? Or do these one-time allies become rivals? It’s going to be a hot topic this season.

Just as interesting, though, is how Chicago Med is going to write Ethan Choi this season. The writers spent so much time with the on-again, off-again relationship between Choi and April Sexton, but Yaya DaCosta chose to depart the series for other projects so now Choi is without his primary scene partner. Maybe that spot gets filled by Archer or maybe the show branches him out to work with other people. And will the writers, with the show’s emphasis on interoffice romance, give Ethan a new love interest or allow him to be single this year?

His whole world has changed, thanks to what’s happened both on and off screen, so there’s no way Choi won’t be a major mover in Chicago Med season 7.

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