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Amy Jack introduces herself to country music world with new album

Amy Jack’s first full-length record is fittingly called Introducing Amy Jack. The country music artist recently dropped in to discuss the album, the story behind it that involves the legendary Merle Haggard, and how she chose music as a profession in the first place. Get to know Amy in our interview, before you stream or download the album on Apple Music and iTunes.

Brittany Frederick: You come from a family with a musical background. How much did that influence your decision to pursue music professionally?

Amy Jack: My mother and sister were my music teachers and they probably sparked my love of music. They both played a huge role in discovering my love for music. Merle Haggard definitely influenced me to pursue a career in music as well, the same as he’s done for so many artists. His greatness is truly admirable.

BF: How did he come into the picture? It’s not often that someone has a record produced by one of their musical idols.

AJ: Merle’s team called me on a day in July and told me that Merle had built a new studio that he wanted to put to good use. They asked if I’d like to go out there and record. I said “Of course” and “When can we start?” It was a no-brainer for me.

BF: As the title indicates, this album is your introduction to country music fans. What are some of the considerations that went into putting it together with that in mind?

AJ: Merle and the co-producer Ace had a say in which songs I had written that they were interested in for the record. Merle had such an appreciation for music as a whole, regardless of the genre; he liked to hire musicians in different genres for projects as well. Ultimately, we wanted to make country music that was modern and radio friendly and that’s universal and relevant and relatable.

Amy Jack
Amy Jack. (Photo Credit: Courtesy of Marbaloo PR.)

BF: You cover multiple Merle Haggard songs on the album. What’s the experience like of covering someone’s music while you’re working directly with that person?

AJ: Merle asked that I cover a song of his, so I one-upped him and did two! It’s probably the best thing that can happen to an artist. I’ll be forever grateful that I was able to cover a couple of his songs. Stepping up to the challenge, though, I was tense and I knew I couldn’t back down; I had to nail it. In the end I know that Merle really liked them, and that’s what means the most to me.

BF: Are there particular tracks that were highlights to you during recording? Which ones should people definitely not miss?

AJ: “My Favorite Memory” and “Got Lonely Too Early,” which Merle wrote, are the first two that I would tell people to listen to. They are the first ones I recorded because of Merle and they are just so well written. It was a challenge, but certainly one of the most amazing experiences that really resonated with me.

BF: Ultimately, what do you want people to take away from Introducing Amy Jack?

AJ: I hope that after people hear the record, they are entertained and it puts a smile on their face. Music is transformative and has the ability to uplift someone’s day, so I hope that the listener will be able to take away a little happiness from this record.

Introducing Amy Jack is now available for downloading and streaming on Apple Music and iTunes.

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