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Tiny Chef: The adorable cooking phenomenon

The Tiny Chef has brought cute into the kitchen. This social media phenomenon has won over audiences of all ages making tiny dishes for a big audience on The Tiny Chef Show. Now he’s just released a book, The Tiny Chef and da Mishing Weshipee Blook, in which he goes off on an adventure in search of his missing recipes.

In the process, he brings readers along on a wonderful ride, continues to be the most adorable thing ever to set foot in a kitchen, and imparts a valuable message everyone can appreciate about dealing with stress. It’s a book that everyone is sure to enjoy and I had a chance to talk directly with Cheffy about its release.

Check out my in-character interview with Cheffy below and learn more about him on the Tiny Chef Show website.

Brittany Frederick: What do you want people to know about your book? What makes it special?

Tiny Chef: Dats an abshowutewy blamazing queschun. My bery flirst blook ish shplecial becuz ets based on twu events. Evwything you shee and heaw in da blook actuawy happened to me.

BF: How exciting is it for you to share your book with millions of readers?

TC: Sho sho sho sho exiting i teww you.

BF: Is the Blegaful Shew your favorite recipe, or just one that happened to wind up missing in this specific tale?

TC: Etsh without a doubt my favowite weshipees for da month of Shleptembew.

BF: Cooking can be a very stressful thing sometimes, so how do you manage stress in the kitchen?

TC: Blell, shumtimes i hafta weave da kchichen an take deep bweafs jusht wike evybody elsh. Shumtimesh i go forawalk tewwwww.

BF: What’s one thing that you want people to take away when they’ve read your book? Any messages you want to leave them with?

TC: Blawaysh cook fwom da heart, en twy new fingsh becush you never kneow wut you clapable of unwesh you do.

BF: Are there other chefs or people who inspire you, or other favorite dishes that you love?

TC: Mish juwia child becush she wash sho mewtiful, alsho i wuv miss tabifa brown. I lub pumpkin wasagna vewy mush.

Learn more about The Tiny Chef Show on the official website.

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