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The Profit season 7 finale preview: Marcus Lemonis’ crash course

The Profit has taken viewers on quite a ride this season, and it’s not slowing down in Tuesday’s The Profit season 7 finale.

Season 7 of the CNBC series has sent Marcus Lemonis in wildly varying directions, whether it’s helping a family affected by 9/11, walking away from multiple business deals, or going the extra mile to assist an entire town. So it’s fitting that the season finale brings him back into his wheelhouse, no pun intended, as he visits SD Campervans in Los Angeles, California. Being the CEO of Camping World, Lemonis’ core business is in the recreational vehicle (RV) space, but the van sub-genre is relatively new, so this episode strikes a great balance between the expected and the unexpected.

For the former, it’s refreshing to see Marcus utilizing his specific expertise in this space. With as many different types of businesses as The Profit has him go to, we sometimes forget that he isn’t just an entrepreneur; he also oversees this massive brand. And while Camping World has appeared on the show, we’ve never quite seen Marcus’ knowledge fully utilized; there was the “Worldwide Trailers” episode, but that was more of a descent into chaos than a thorough look at the RV and trailer world. Tuesday’s episode digs into the details, and that makes it even more interesting.

But The Profit succeeds because it isn’t just a “how to succeed in business” documentary. It also follows the human interest story inside the company, because as this show and other reality series have pointed out, if there’s something wrong with the people or their relationships, then the business will never be right. That part of the episode is here, too, as by the second act the episode has taken a turn that’s never been seen on this series before. It’s common for The Profit episodes to be a bumpy ride, but from that point on, this one is a runaway train. While it’s not as dramatic as “Worldwide Trailers” or “Fuel Food,” people are likely going to have strong feelings about this episode.

To say anything more about what happens at SD Campervans would be spoiling The Profit season finale. And that would be a terrible thing to do, because this is still a show that everyone needs to be watching. The Profit season 7 has demonstrated that, even after almost seven years on the air and dozens of episodes, Marcus Lemonis is never short of challenges. He’s also never short of ways to solve them, and lessons he can teach everyone along the way.

The Profit airs Tuesdays at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on CNBC.

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