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Joe Pickett stars Michael Dorman and Julianna Guill talk new C.J. Box series

Joe Pickett’s next frontier is television. C.J. Box’s hero is now on the small screen in the Spectrum Originals TV series Joe Pickett, with Michael Dorman starring as the title character and Julianna Guill portraying his loyal and equally cool wife Marybeth.

With the first three episodes now available, Julianna and Michael joined me to discuss their characters and the relationship that provides a foundation for the entire series. Coming off his incredible work in For All Mankind, Michael talks about how Joe and Marybeth’s marriage contrasts with the volatile relationship he portrayed as Gordo Stevens in the Apple TV+ series. What’s different compared to Gordo and Tracy—and did Gordo have any influence on Michael’s approach to playing Joe Pickett?

Julianna weighs in on how Marybeth Pickett bucks the TV stereotypes of the wife as the passive supporter and/or damsel in distress, and tells how she sees the Pickett marriage. How does she play Marybeth so that the character is as three-dimensional as her husband, and gets her own share of the limelight? What is it about the role that originally attracted her, and what’s the most fun the two of them have had playing their TV marriage so far?

Learn more about both the characters and the actors in the first of my Joe Pickett interviews. Catch the first three episodes of the series now exclusively on Spectrum Originals, and if you’re interested in learning more about the C.J. Box book series on which the show is based, you can head over to Amazon.

Joe Pickett airs Mondays on Spectrum. The first three episodes are available on demand now.

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