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The Equalizer season 2 trailer: Queen Latifah returns with a vengeance

The Equalizer reboot got plenty of attention when it debuted on CBS this spring, so it’s no mystery that the network has brought it back quickly. The Equalizer season 2 is now part of CBS’ fall schedule, staying in its usual Sunday night time slot and promising even more action.

The first season introduced Queen Latifah as Robyn McCall, an ex-CIA operative who becomes a vigilante helping those in need, along with some help from friends and her former colleague (played by The Good Wife and Law & Order star Chris Noth). It ended with Robyn considering early retirement from her line of work, but of course that couldn’t happen, or there wouldn’t be a TV show.

Instead, the writers have raised the stakes for the second season by adding at least one personal angle. The trailer reveals that after an NYPD officer is killed, Robyn’s frenemy Detective Marcus Dante (an underrated Tory Kittles of Colony fame) calls her to “equalize” the situation. It certainly says something about Dante that he’d want to make that call after spending a large part of season 1 on the fence about The Equalizer, and it’ll be very interesting to see Robyn working on a case that is so personal.

At this point, The Equalizer has differentiated itself from the original series that it was inspired by. It’s far more action-driven than the original Edward Woodward edition was, and even the trailer has a much different look and tone than that show. It’s up to TV viewers whether they feel that’s a good thing or not. But the creative team has found the specific voice of this character and this show, and they know exactly what they want, which bodes very well for a second season. Many series fumble in season 2 once they get past the initial premise or story, and The Equalizer shouldn’t have any such sophomore slump.

If anything, it’s a real wonder that it took this long for Queen Latifah to land a lead role like this. Her last TV series regular part was on FOX’s Star from 2016-2019, and that series was more of a soap opera. The Equalizer is much more serious and gritty, and Robyn McCall obviously has much more to do (literally and metaphorically) than Carlotta Brown. Latifah makes it all look easy, and should get even better if the writing in The Equalizer season 2 is as great as the trailer makes it out to be.

The Equalizer airs Sundays at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on CBS. The Equalizer season 2 premieres Sunday, October 10.

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