TVBrittanyF Podcast: Sarah Wayne Callies on Aftershock

The inaugural TVBrittanyF Podcast welcomes Sarah Wayne Callies (The Walking Dead, Colony) for a conversation about her new iHeartMedia scripted podcast Aftershock.

The project is more than the next line on Sarah’s versatile resume—it’s showcasing sides of her talent that audiences haven’t gotten to enjoy before. In addition to starring as the main character Cassie Wallace, Sarah co-created the podcast, wrote for the podcast and also directed her fellow actors! It’s an incredible accomplishment from an incredible talent, as she continues to grow and be an excellent example for women in the entertainment industry.

Aftershock follows the aftermath of a massive earthquake, in which a new island mysteriously appears off the coast of Los Angeles after the city is decimated. Cassie, along with other characters played by the likes of Black Widow‘s David Harbour, ventures to this new land. But will the characters find what they’re looking for, or escape what they’re trying to get away from?

Watch our interview below as Sarah and I discuss what makes the series different from the usual disaster tale, but also what the journey was like for her personally. From trying to direct friends like fellow The Walking Dead alum Jeffrey Dean Morgan and her old Prison Break co-star Rockmond Dunbar, to the vulnerability it takes to write for other actors, to what it’s like to act in a project where she has multiple behind-the-scenes roles, we’ll dive deep into the story behind Sarah Wayne Callies’ newest adventure.

Aftershock premieres today on your favorite podcast platform through iHeartMedia; you can listen to the trailer here.

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