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The Voice season 19: Desz by her playlist

Desz has joined Team Kelly Clarkson in The Voice season 19, and I’m introducing you to her in the most appropriate way – through her music. Check out this question and answer session with Desz to learn about her favorite songs, what she’d like to perform on the show, and the tunes she would consider the most influential in her life and career.

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Brittany Frederick: Do you remember the first song that you fell in love with? What about it hooked you?

Desz: Growing up, my mother would play music to everything she did. Whether she was cooking, cleaning, doing hair, she was listening to music and probably singing to it as well. One of her favorite artists, which is now mine as well, is Anita Baker. I fell in love with [the] Anita Baker [song] “Angel” at a very young age, because it was one of the songs my mom and Auntie “TeeTee” (her twin) would always sing to my siblings and I.

BF: What’s one song that you’re in love with right now?

Desz: With everything that’s going on in the world right now, I have been really trying to find music that is soothing. Moonchild is a group that I have admired and they have a song called “Money.” It has such a soothing vibe that is calming, and I’m in love with it!

BF: Tell me the song that would describe Desz to The Voice fans and why.

Desz: When I think about my life and the characteristics that develop my personality, one word that describes [them] is power. so I would say that the best song that could best describe me is “My Power” by Beyoncé. No matter what I’ve been through, or what I’m going through, you’ll never take my power.

BF: You chose the classic “Unbreak My Heart” by Toni Braxton as your blind audition song. What made that the right choice for that moment?

Desz: Although I’m only 30, I’ve had my heart broken – whether it be through grief, through a love affair, or a friendship I’ve been through heartache. I chose “Unbreak My Heart” by Toni Braxton as my audition song because not only is it a classic song, but I also relate to it on a personal level. Another reason was that it had never been done before [on The Voice], and I was up for the challenge!

BF: If you could perform any song in the rest of The Voice season 19, which one would you want and why?

Desz: My involvement with music allows me to touch people and help people. When I sing a song anywhere, I want the opportunity to potentially heal, strengthen, or encourage the person listening and experiencing my gift. There is a song from the movie Never Enough that left me completely in awe. The passion, the lyrics, had me in complete tears and every time I listen to it makes me feel like the artist was singing to me directly. If I could sing a song on this show it would definitely be this one; I want people to feel that message.

BF: Name one song or artist that The Voice viewers would be surprised to know you love.

Desz: I grew up a Disney Channel kid, and I was a huge fan of Hannah Montana, so naturally I became a Miley Cyrus fan. But people are very surprised to know I listen to her. (laughs) She has a new song out called “Midnight Sky” and I just love it! I love Miley.

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