The Last Full Measure

The Last Full Measure now streaming; you shouldn’t miss this incredible film

The Last Full Measure is now available on iTunes and Amazon Video, and if you haven’t seen the movie yet, you need to watch it immediately. This emotional, thought-provoking drama is the best film of 2020 so far.

Todd Robinson’s film tells the inspiring true story of William H. Pitsenbarger, who personally saved dozens of soldiers during the Vietnam War at the cost of his own life. The movie frames the story through the quest to get Pitsenbarger the Medal of Honor that he so richly deserves, spearheaded by a jaded Pentagon staffer (played so well by Captain America‘s Sebastian Stan in his best performance).

Even if you’re not a fan of war movies, this is a film you have to see not only for the powerful message that it sends, but the wonderful cast that brings it to life. Aside from Stan, the film stars William Hurt, Peter Fonda (in his final big-screen performance before his death), Samuel L. Jackson, Bradley Whitford, Jeremy Irvine and Linus Roache.

I recently spoke with Linus about making The Last Full Measure and why he was so moved by the film. Find out what he had to say about this great movie (part one of our interview is here). You can rent or purchase The Last Full Measure here.

“I loved that script so much, and I practically campaigned to be in that movie,” Linus recalled. “I met [writer-director] Todd [Robinson] over Skype, and then he actually came down; I was in a play in San Diego, and I invited him down. He came to see the play and we chatted, and we really just made a connection. When it came around to shooting it, it took a long time for that project to come together. I think I was sort of involved for like two and a half years before it actually got shot.

“But what an honor. It was one of those projects where you just feel honored to be a part of a true story that speaks to the highest and the best of human nature.”

The Last Full Measure is an incredibly emotional film, because it primarily unfolds through the perspectives of the soldiers Pitsenbarger saved that fateful day. Each one has their own story to tell, not only about what he did but about what they did and the effect that their service in Vietnam had on them. The audience is able to see and hear the full effect not only of one man’s incredible sacrifice, but of the war itself. By the time the viewer finds out about the Medal of Honor, they’ve been on a journey with this entire group of people.

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“The Medal of Honor ceremony that we recreated, a lot of those guys in the room were real military. A whole handful of them were actually from Operation Abilene, that the story is about. The real soldiers,” Linus revealed. “It almost felt like this unbearable responsibility to just live up to the moment, and the weight and the dignity and the valor of these men, and do it justice. And it was a very moving thing to be part of. I was very proud of the film.

“I actually got the privilege of seeing it at West Point. The first time I saw it was at West Point Military Academy, with a whole bunch of cadets and veterans in the same auditorium. And, my God, what a conversation we had after the film about service and about honor and valor,” he continued. “From the guys who were just about to join and support their country and show what they’re made of, and also from the guys who’ve been out there and come back. Their stories, and the advice between those two camps, it was very moving.

“I feel like the movie has kind of healing potential within it, because it really does speak to PTSD and a lot of issues,” Linus added. “I think I was in tears in the middle of the film. And then thought oh, well, this isn’t good. Because if I’m moved now, there’s no way I’m going to be moved at the end, because it won’t be able to sustain itself. But, my God, it did. It really did.”

The Last Full Measure is now streaming on iTunes and Amazon Video. The film will be released on Blu-Ray and DVD on April 21, 2020.

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