The Night Agent's Gabriel Basso (right) and Luciane Buchanan.

The Night Agent stars Gabriel Basso and Luciane Buchanan on ‘intense’ Netflix series

Netflix‘s The Night Agent is a bonafide hit, resting on the shoulders of Gabriel Basso and Luciane Buchanan. Basso portrays the show’s title character, FBI agent Peter Sutherland—a man out of his element but not out of options. Buchanan plays Rose Larkin, who goes from comfortable executive to Peter’s unlikely partner in crime. Their relationship develops throughout the first season, and audiences may not be surprised where they end up, but the actors’ performances elevate their characters’ story arc into something special.

To that end, I spoke with Gabriel and Luciane to discuss how they tackled the series. What was the biggest challenge that they had to face making a television series rife with plot twists and action sequences? What are the questions that they still want to get answered in the upcoming Season 2? Here’s what they had to tell me about their filming experience.

Brittany Frederick: The Night Agent has a lot going on, both plot-wise and action-wise, and Gabriel, it all comes back to you. You’re the title of the show. What was it like for you simply to carry that load?

Gabriel Basso: It was just like death by a million cuts. It was a lot of dialogue. And a lot of our hours were really crazy. And they’d switch up throughout the week—we were on three different units at one point. Scheduling shifts, scripts would change. There was just so much going on that I think the pressure came from just oh, you’re not on this unit anymore. Go to this unit. Or we only have a day to choreograph this fight, and it’s a six-page fight scene. It was intense.

BF: Luciane, you are part of some of those action scenes, though not to the extent that Gabriel is. Did you want to have Rose mixing it up a bit more?

Luciane Buchanan: No. (laughs) He’s the FBI agent. [With] my stunt double, [I was] feeling the same way. She’s running down the staircase, trying to escape the house. She looked really agile, and I was just like, amazing for you…I felt like it was true to her character. In moments where she’s like oh my gosh, Peter’s getting beat up and I’m just standing here, she’ll try to do whatever she can. But I always think of her as like an audience member in a horror movie. Like “Don’t go over there!” She’s like that person.

SPOILER ALERT: This portion of the interview contains major The Night Agent Season 1 spoilers.

BF: The first season resolves a lot, but it also leaves a fair amount for the audience to chew on. Is there anything that either of you still want to know about Peter or Rose, now that we know Season 2 is going to happen?

GB: I didn’t like how one of the evil characters got away. I think that that needs to be wrapped up. Peter has sort of a vendetta now. Also his father—I think there’s a lot more questions that need answering. But for me, for full closure, I would put that on the back burner, and I would say this guy got away. That’s not okay.

LB: For Rose, I feel like so much is left unanswered. We didn’t have enough time. A lot happens in Episode 10, but I hope some loose ends get tied up in Season 2.

The Night Agent Season 1 is now streaming on Netflix; Season 2 does not yet have a premiere date. Featured image credit: Dan Power/Courtesy of Netflix.

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