Leverage: Redemption

Leverage: Redemption stars Gina Bellman, Aleyse Shannon tell what’s next for the team

When Leverage: Redemption premiered on IMDb TV, the Leverage revival dropped a couple of bombshells. As the series returns for the second half of its season, fans have to wonder where the characters go from here, so I went straight to the source to find out!

SPOILER ALERT: This interview contains spoilers for the first half of Leverage: Redemption.

Gina Bellman joined me to discuss Sophie’s emotional arc in the first part of the Leverage: Redemption season, as her character dealt with the death of Nate Ford (an unseen Timothy Hutton, who did not return for the new series). When Leverage fans left Sophie, she seemed to get closure in the form of discovering someone who was impersonating her husband, so will she finally be able to move on after meeting “Fake Nate”?

Aleyse Shannon also joined us to talk about Breanna’s future. Her character is new to this series as a semi-stand in for Alec Hardison (played by Aldis Hodge, who appeared on a recurring basis while Breanna was established as Hardison’s foster sister). Now that Breanna has fully joined the Leverage team and been accepted as part of the clan, where does she go from here? What does she want from her new role?

Plus, we took a few moments to enthuse about co-star Beth Riesgraf stepping behind the camera to direct on Leverage: Redemption. Hear what it was like to work with Beth as a director and where Sophie and Breanna’s arcs have them headed next in the below video interview.

Leverage: Redemption is now streaming on IMDb TV. If you missed the first half of the season, all of those episodes are still available to watch.

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