Acapulco’s Eugenio Derbez revisits Maximo for Apple TV Plus series

With Acapulco, Eugenio Derbez does what few TV actors get the chance to do—revisit a beloved character.

The new Apple TV+ series is a prequel to the hit 2017 comedy How to Be a Latin Lover, in which audiences get to see Maximo’s coming of age story. While Derbez returns as the present-day Maximo, who narrates the action (he also serves as an executive producer), it’s Enrique Arrizon who’ll steal viewers’ hearts this time as the teen version of the character.

I recently spoke to both actors about Acapulco, which follows Maximo as he works at a hip resort in the 1980’s with a quirky cast of characters. Watch the video interview below to find out what hooked Enrique about playing the role, why Eugenio wanted to come back to the character in the first place, how they worked together without sharing any scenes together, and some of their most interesting vacation stories.

You can stream Acapulco now exclusively on Apple TV+ and take a vacation from ordinary television. Stay tuned for more of my interviews with the cast!

Acapulco is now streaming on Apple TV Plus.

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