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The Profit season 8, episode 8: What we learned from Zip Kit Homes

It’s possible that The Profit aired its series finale this week—and if so, the CNBC series went out on a very unexpected note.

“Raise the Roof” brought Marcus Lemonis back to Utah as he invested in Zip Kit Homes, a pre-built kit home company (think kit cars, but with houses). The real revelation, though, came online as Marcus tweeted that the show is ending this year, leading fans to speculate that they may have seen the last episode. He already has a home renovation investment series called The Renovator lined up with HGTV, so is he saying goodbye to The Profit? has reached out to CNBC for comment and we’ll update fans when we have official word about The Profit‘s status. Until then, here’s what we learned from this week’s The Profit episode:

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains spoilers from Tuesday’s latest The Profit season 8 episode.

001. Utah is a very entrepreneurial place

This is yet another The Profit season 8 installment that was filmed in Utah. The season started in Utah with Harvest Lane Honey and has shot several episodes in the state. This is probably a combination of COVID-19 and logistics; taking an entire TV production crew all over the country is a huge and expensive operation, and it’s easier to keep everyone safe and keep costs down if you limit how far and how often they have to travel.

The side effect of this is that the season is almost like an extended tourism commercial for Utah. Viewers are getting to see how many small businesses there are and how different the companies are. It makes fans want to go there and check some of them out in person, or see what other interesting businesses are out there. While we have only seen episodes in California and Utah this season, it’s made both states look like great places to spend time, especially if you’re an entrepreneur or potential investor.

002. Do one thing really well, not many things kind of well

The principal problem in this The Profit hour was that Zip Kit Homes had to narrow its focus. The general idea of panelized homes—essentially the construction version of a LEGO kit, as Marcus pointed out—had so many good applications that the company wanted to be everywhere. They had already built a school, a development for a ski resort, and plenty of consumer homes. Marcus strove to get them simply focusing on the last part and being able to maximize their success in that arena.

It’s an interesting discussion, because the Zip Kit concept really does seem like it would work well on a larger scale. But Marcus is right that too many avenues of production can spread a company too thin, both creatively and financially. Playing to one’s strengths can ensure a company’s success and financial solvency to then allow it to pursue other directions when it’s healthy.

(The Profit Updates pointed out that the Zip Kit founders have spun off the commercial part of their concept to a separate company, Timberhawk Homes. This wasn’t mentioned in the show, since there was no postscript again this week.)

003. Is The Profit cancelled?

This is what everyone really wants to know, and we unfortunately don’t. CNBC didn’t advertise this episode as the series finale; however, Marcus’ tweet indicates that the show’s end is coming soon, if not now. Him saying that 2021 is the last year of the show means that at the most, he finished filming this year. That would indicate that season 8 is the final season; the question is just are there more episodes left to air or not?

Whatever the case is, it sounds like this is more a case of Marcus wanting to move on than The Profit being cancelled. It’s the best show on CNBC and one of the network’s cornerstone programs, so there’s not a huge reason on their end to get rid of it. On the other hand, Marcus has been talking about his upcoming HGTV show The Renovator for some time on social media and it’s expected to premiere next year.

It’s going to be a sad day when The Profit says goodbye. The Renovator sounds great but it’s got a very specific focus on the home renovation industry, and there are a lot of home renovation shows already. (CNBC has two great ones in The Deed and The Deed: Chicago.) The strength of this series was that it helped all kinds of struggling businesses, and now there’s not going to be a show with that breadth anywhere on TV. This program will definitely be missed.

The Profit airs Tuesdays at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on CNBC. We’ll update fans when we find out if this was or was not the series finale.

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