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The Voice season 19: Tanner Gomes by his playlist

Tanner Gomes has joined Team Kelly Clarkson in The Voice season 19, and I’m introducing you to her in the most appropriate way – through his music. Check out this question and answer session with Tanner to learn about his favorite songs, what he’d like to perform on the show, and the tunes she would consider the most influential in his life and career.

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Brittany Frederick: What was the first song that you got hooked on?

Tanner Gomes: “I Like It, I Love It” by Tim McGraw was the catchiest song on the country radio when I was a kid. My family and I loved Tim McGraw.

BF: What’s Tanner Gomes’ favorite song right now?

TG: “Feathered Indians” by Tyler Childers. I love the old-school country sound to that song and the lyricism is brilliant.

BF: If you had to pick one song to describe yourself to The Voice audience, which song would it be?

TG: “The Man I Want To Be” by Chris Young. Everyone needs to take a look in the mirror every once in a while, and I find that speaking to God has helped me face the many challenges I have encountered throughout my life. I make plenty of mistakes, but never make excuses or forgive myself easy. Putting myself in other people’s shoes is a strong suit of mine, and my relationship with God has a lot to do with that.

BF: Why did you choose your blind audition song?

TG: [“Cowboys and Angels” by Dustin Lynch] is one of very few modern country songs that have that older country sound and feel. I have been singing it at gigs for years, and thought it would be cool to get more creative with it in order to impress the coaches.

BF: What one song would you love to perform in the remainder of The Voice season 19, and why would that be your choice?

TG: I think I would choose “One More Day” by Diamond Rio. This has always been one of my favorite songs. This song has so much emotion and would allow me to show a much deeper display of vulnerability in my performance. I have lost three people that are close to me just this year, and I think so many others will be able to relate due to COVID-19. Hopefully performing this song would encourage people to cherish the relationships they have with their loved ones and not take that for granted, because tomorrow can be gone in an instant.

BF: Give me one artist or song that people would be surprised to know you enjoy.

TG: T-Pain. I always loved singing along to his songs; they were original, catchy, and the pitch perfect, auto-tuned runs were so fun to sing along with.

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