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The Voice season 19: Madeline Consoer by her playlist

Madeline Consoer has joined Team Kelly Clarkson in The Voice season 19, and I’m introducing you to her in the most appropriate way – through her music. Check out this question and answer session with Madeline to learn about her favorite songs, what she’d like to perform on the show, and the tunes she would consider the most influential in her life and career.

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Brittany Frederick: What was the first song that you fell in love with?

Madeline Consoer: I really think my first favorite song was “A Thousand Miles” by Vanessa Carlton. I remember my mom having that CD and we’d have it on repeat almost every day. It’s between that or anything Britney Spears. Those two CDs were in heavy rotation in our car.

BF: What would be your favorite song right now?

MC: I feel like I’m late to the game, but my favorite song right now is “BOY” by Charlie Puth. I literally put it on every playlist, and it’s always the first song I play as soon as my phone hooks up in the car.

That record in general holds a lot of my favorite songs at the moment. The one that’s after “BOY” [called] “Slow It Down” is pretty fire as well. I can’t with Charlie – he’s too talented for his own good and the way hit songs just come out of his head all the time – not fair.

BF: If you had to pick one song to describe Madeline Consoer, which one would you choose?

MC: “Perfect” by Pink. The message in those lyrics resonates deep with me. Being a female in today’s society, and especially a female that’s been in the public eye for a while, it’s hard to remain positive about your appearance and how people perceive you. That song reminds me, every time I listen to it, to forget the opinions of others and focus on feeling good about yourself. “We try too hard, it’s a waste of our time” is a lyric I wish I’d put into a song myself.

BF: Why did you choose the Voice season 19 blind audition song that you did?

MC: I chose to sing “GIRL” by Maren Morris because honestly, I wish I had a song like that to listen to when I was growing up. It’s so positive and uplifting; it reminds the listener and the one singing the song to never let anyone tell you sh*t about yourself. Society is real hard on us these days, and this song reminds us all that we’re beautiful, no matter what anyone else thinks.

BF: If you could perform any song in the rest of the season, do you have a number-one pick?

MC: I would choose “Breakaway” by Kelly [Clarkson]. Regardless if she was my coach or not.. I would choose this song through and through. I have lived this song. I grew up in a small town, dreamt of what could be, felt like no one could hear me – it just hits me. I also grew up with this song. I feel like I could connect with it more than anything else, and really get America to understand what I’m singing about, and where I’m coming from.

I also have to put “I Hope You Dance” [by Lee Ann Womack] on this list because that’s one of my all time favorite songs to sing. It makes me cry every. Single. Time.

BF: Name one song that The Voice fans would be surprised to know you love.

MC: I think people would be surprised at home much I enjoy house music. Being a Barry’s instructor definitely contributed to my love for it, but I feel like looking at me, you wouldn’t predict that I can get down with a sick beat drop while I’m driving to work in the morning. There’s something about a steady, driving beat, and then losing your mind when it gets even after that build – it gets me way too hype.

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