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Property Brothers open up in new Paley Center conversation

Drew and Jonathan Scott have turned their HGTV series Property Brothers into a TV empire, and now they’re telling The Paley Center for Media how they continue to be two of the most recognizable faces in lifestyle television.

HGTV’s Property Brothers: A Conversation with Drew and Jonathan premieres today on the Paley Center’s Facebook page. Fans can visit Facebook to stream the event, in which Jonathan and Drew speak about all of their TV projects and the secrets to their success.

“It’s a huge, huge machine that we’ve put together,” Jonathan Scott says, “so that we can help as many people as we possibly can.”

“Home affects every aspect of your life,” Drew Scott adds later in the discussion. “Your relationships, your work life, everything. And so that’s why we just want to give everyone that starting chance at home.”

Over almost half an hour, the Paley Center panel covers topics ranging from what the duo are doing in quarantine to how they juggle the schedules of their multiple TV shows and how much time they really spend with the homeowners that they feature. Plus, what’s the one thing about Drew that sometimes scares people? You’ll have to watch to find out.

The Scott brothers’ newest series, Celebrity IOU, recently finished its first season and saw them working with a number of famous faces – including two-time Oscar nominee Jeremy Renner, Oscar, Emmy and Tony Award-winner Viola Davis, and four-time Grammy winner Michael Buble – to help those stars give back.

Drew and Jonathan also star in Property Brothers, Property Brothers: Forever Home, Property Brothers at Home and the competition series Brother vs. Brother, which is returning for another season later this year. As if that’s not enough, they’re also authors, have a Scott Living lifestyle brand, and have recorded music together. There’s seemingly nothing they can’t do, and they’ve been keeping audiences entertained for more than a decade on HGTV.

Fans across the country can now enjoy hearing their stories from behind the scenes of all their shows from the comfort of their own living rooms, by clicking the Facebook link below. The video will be available until Monday, July 13 at 12:00 a.m. EST.

HGTV’s Property Brothers: A Conversation with Drew and Jonathan is now streaming on the Paley Center for Media Facebook page.

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