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Listing Impossible season 1, episode 7 preview: Aaron and Arvin’s excellent adventure

Listing Impossible has been a fun addition to CNBC‘s TV portfolio, and the next new episode showcases a particularly quirky property that might just have Aaron Kirman stymied.

In “The Flashing Neon Party Pad,” Aaron and Arvin venture to San Clemente as part of a plan to expand the company’s reach, and take on a house that’s regressed with each of its owner’s divorces. Bill’s home now is a full-blown bachelor pad in a market mostly occupied by families, and he likewise has an incredibly casual attitude about making the changes he’ll need to get it sold.

This is another one of those stories where the owner doesn’t understand that selling the house isn’t about their taste, but the taste of the people who want to buy it. Listing Impossible has already had a few of those in the past six episodes. What makes this one different is that Bill’s taste is honestly off the rails. Instead of one coherent theme, he’s got one style here and another there, based on whatever seemed like a good idea at the time.

And then there are the LED light fixtures, which Aaron can’t stand. Will buyers love them or hate them? And can Aaron and Arvin get Bill to take this seriously?

Speaking of serious, there’s also a serious side in this episode that Listing Impossible viewers won’t have experienced before. Neyshia deals with a home damaged by natural disaster, and Yawar discovers that some houses actually are impossible to sell. Both of these stories are surprisingly poignant, as they strip away the glamour and the witticisms to seriously discuss the challenges of working in real estate, particularly in the luxury market where the price tags are high and the expectations even higher.

The idea of stepping into this world of expensive, impressive and crazy houses is the hook for the show – it’s getting to see something that most viewers will never experience. But we’re seven episodes in now, and there has to be more than that superficial gratification element. With “The Flashing Neon Party Pad,” Listing Impossible puts the emphasis on Aaron Kirman and his team not as top real estate agents but as human beings who are allowed to fail, to feel empathy, and to pick people up when they fall. It’s genuinely heartwarming.

And then to balance that out, we’ve got Bill, his crazy neon lights, and a house that makes so little sense that the strategy is to work around it. This is the best episode of Listing Impossible yet, and you might just laugh and cry by the time it’s over.

Listing Impossible airs Wednesdays at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on CNBC.

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