FROM’s Ricky He Talks New Character Depths – And Asks Just What Is Going On In Town?

SPOILER WARNING: The following contains spoilers for FROM Season 2, Episodes 1-5.

Ricky He’s Kenny on MGM+’s FROM spent Season 1 being the calm, collected voice of reason for the town of horrors. Now, with revelations in Season 2, Kenny’s breaking out of the “keeping it cool” box and really diving into just what this town holds – and what it all may mean.

Kelsey Yoor: I’ve heard rumors that you’re kind of a pro at making everybody laugh on set and kind of being that like joy behind the scenes…

Ricky He: (Laughs) Oh, no. Who’s lying out there? Oh, that’s awesome. Well, I just try to do my best. I don’t know. It’s a very heavy show and I think if we’re all sitting in this really heavy, dark place all the time, it makes it a little bit tiring.

KY: Yeah, it definitely does. I feel like keeping that light mood has gotta help. And especially this season, Kenny’s had to go through some very heightened emotions, stepping up in Boyd’s initial absence, learning the truth about what Sara did. etc. What have you felt have been some of Kenny’s biggest transformations this season?

RH: Oh, man. I’d say obviously the first one is seeing Marielle and Kristi’s [played by Chloe Van Landschoot] reunion. I think that’s a big one, because, at the end of the day, it’s like, “Oh, that’s her person”. You know what I mean? Like, you can’t argue destiny when you’re stuck in this messed up place, where you thought: “Maybe I’m placed here to meet this person.” And in fact, actually, these [other] two are absolutely meant for each other because what are the odds that the two of them are both stuck in this town?

So that’s a big one. And then I’d say another one is, you know, really stepping up to the plate and putting on his big boy pants, both figuratively and literally after his falling out with Boyd [played by Harold Perrineau.]

KY: And what’s it been like preparing behind the scenes to take him to that intense emotional place? I feel like Season 1 Kenny was very much an even character and the voice of reason, and he’s been able to explode emotionally this season. What’s been different about preparing for that?

RH: I think that what’s interesting is like, he definitely has exploded to some degree, but I also think that he’s still kind of standing on the edge a little bit. He’s kind of on the brink and I think that he’s containing himself a little bit to preserve the idea that this is a safe place for his mom because he has been carrying so much trauma and grief and pain with him for all of Season 1 and now all through Season 2. And I think that he’s very much on the cusp, but I think he’s trying his best to keep on keeping on.

KY: I love that you mentioned his mom. I adore Kenny’s mom. And especially now they’ve got the added family dynamic of bringing in the Matthews, I think that’s a really cool, chance to expand on that. Is there anything you would really like to see for your character or your character and family if we get a hopeful Season 3?

RH: Yeah, I mean, definitely hopeful for Season 3, and if fans want a Season 3, they should definitely continue to ask for it on social media, I would say! I’m excited to see where Kenny’s going in general, because, you know, like the fans, we really find out everything as we receive scripts. Like, we don’t really have any grand plan walking into each season that we’re aware of. They keep it very behind closed doors and we get, you know, information little by little. I’m excited to see where Kenny goes from here and what inevitable obstacles are gonna be in his way because we know we love to torture Kenny.

KY: We really do put that poor boy through the wringer.

RH: (Laughs) That’s right. That’s right.

KY: Have there been any favorite super scary shoots that you’ve done as Kenny? Anything that really stands out?

RH: There absolutely is one that I can’t talk about.

KY: We’ve gotten up through episode seven with the screeners, if that helps…

RH: Okay! Yeah! I’m very excited for some of the stuff that we shot in six. That’s gonna be nuts. And even some of the stuff beyond six, I can’t even say!

KY: I mean it’s no crazier than anything else that would tie into Abby’s “waking everybody up” thing.

RH: Yeah, that’s really what pushed me over the edge of that. I was like, okay, I can see that. I could see that.

KY: Do you have any theories of your own about what’s going on? Or have you heard any online rumblings that particularly stand out?

RH: Yeah, I’m big on the Reddit thread. I scroll through that often, though I think I’m probably gonna stop scrolling through it after this coming week because I’m just nervous for the episodes to drop.

But my personal theory, very early on, having only read the first two episodes of season one that I asked John [show creator John Griffin] about, I’m like, “It seems like everybody’s carrying some sort of emotional baggage or grief or trauma.” I’m like kind of like, “You know, hugging the bear…” And he’s like, “I don’t know…” You know, he’s got such a good poker face! And then somebody said to me, but dude, everyone has trauma and past grief. I’m like, true. Thanks for shutting down my theory immediately.

KY: But in your defense, it feels like they’re carrying some especially heavy grief going into that. A little more trauma than missing out on the Taylor Swift tickets.

RH: (Laughs) That’s right. Exactly. Yeah, exactly. Yes!

From airs Sundays at 9:00 p.m. ET on MGM+.

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