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The Endgame EXCLUSIVE video: Flowers and Owen have a showdown

In this exclusive clip from The Endgame, Special Agent Anthony Flowers has had it up to here with the conspiracy—and he wants a former friend to know it.

Monday’s episode “Gold Rush” puts Flowers (Jordan Johnson-Hinds) and his partner Valerie “Val” Turner (Ryan Michelle Bathé, All Rise) in another life-threatening situation, and after spending the first four episodes always trying to help but constantly not knowing the whole picture, Anthony’s patience has run out. The normally good-natured agent confronts Val’s potentially soon-to-be-ex-husband, Owen Turner (Kamal Bolden, Chicago Fire), wanting answers about the situation and Owen’s role in it.

Naturally, Owen isn’t inclined to tell Anthony anything, but hearing that his childhood sweetheart was almost killed might change his mind. Plus, what will Val think when she inevitably finds out that Anthony went to have words with her husband and didn’t tell her? She’s probably not going to be happy either. This conversation could burn several bridges for Agent Flowers.

However, it looks like Anthony’s done caring about what anyone else wants or thinks. The Endgame has already stressed him out immensely and it’s fantastic to see the character step up and expand beyond the usual “partner or sidekick” role that so many other procedurals would pigeonhole him into. Johnson-Hinds is particularly great in this scene, showcasing more of the range he showed in another NBC crime drama, Blindspot. This moment could be a turning point for his character, and readers get to see it first.

Watch Flowers’ tense conversation with Owen by playing the video below, then tune in to NBC at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT tonight to see the full next episode of The Endgame. If you’ve missed any of the season so far, episodes are available on demand and streaming on Peacock.

The Endgame airs Mondays at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on NBC. Read our review of the series here.

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