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Cold Justice probes Candace Hiltz case in season 6 finale

The Cold Justice season 6 finale is here already and it’s a whopper. The super-sized, 90-minute episode of the Oxygen series will be focusing on a case that’s already made national headlines—the 2006 murder of Candace Hiltz in Colorado.

Is the Candace Hiltz case a “Small Town Conspiracy,” as the episode is called? Will Kelly Siegler and Abbey Abbondandolo be able to uncover something new about Candace’s murder that pushes the case over the top? And what’s Cold Justice going to be like when it tackles an investigation that most true crime fans are already going to be familiar with?

The show has done longer episodes before; there have been a few two-parters in its history. There was 2015’s “In The Neighborhood” and 2019’s “Death Among Him” which both took two hours to conclude. That means “Small Town Conspiracy” isn’t the longest investigation in Cold Justice history. But it’s definitely in the running for the most well-known case. The series made its name on bringing to light more obscure homicides, years or decades old, that most people hadn’t heard about. The Candace Hiltz case was known nationwide.

That changes the way people are going to watch the Cold Justice season 6 finale. Viewers may come in with their own ideas or presuppositions about the case. They’ll probably know at least a little something about it. And they might have higher expectations for Kelly, Abbey and the team this time around, since this is a more high-profile murder that’s already had a lot of buzz around it. It could be a great Cold Justice story—or it might feel like a big departure for the show. We’ll have to watch tonight and find out.

There’s been no announcement yet about Cold Justice season 7. Based on season 6, though, Oxygen seems likely to bring the series back given that it still has a vocal fan following and is one of the better-known original series for the network. With it ending on a super-sized episode, that’s also making an extra-sized case for the show’s future.

Cold Justice airs Saturdays at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on Oxygen.

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