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Young Rock star Bradley Constant talks taking on his biggest role

Bradley Constant is a star to watch in NBC‘s Young Rock, the new sitcom that details the life of superstar Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Bradley portrays Johnson as a 15-year-old, during some of his biggest challenges and most formative moments. Before Tuesday’s series premiere, he dropped by so we could discuss taking on such a high-profile role and his own varied athletic background. On and off screen, he’s someone to keep your eye on!

Brittany Frederick: What was your reaction to being cast in Young Rock and realizing you got to play someone as well-known as Dwayne Johnson?

Bradley Constant: I think the first thing I wanted to do was tell my dad, because I remember when I was little, we would watch wrestling together and The Rock was on there of course. I grew up watching him. Both my mom and my dad were extremely excited. My mom couldn’t stop screaming when we heard the news on the phone. For me, it just took so long to process honestly.

BF: It’s worth noting that he’s very hands-on with the show, which isn’t normally the case with TV series based on someone’s life. How much did Dwayne’s involvement help you in your portrayal?

BC: Right away, I got a chance to chat with him for almost an hour. Of course this was during a pandemic so it was through Zoom. He went in depth on what life was like for him as a teenager. I had questions that I asked him which was great. It made me feel so comfortable. He really is involved in this and it makes it feel like a big family. It’s bigger than just a show.

BF: He’s such a public figure, so how did you decide how to approach the role? You’d have no shortage of information to draw from, between talking to him and what’s out there.

BC: Well, everyone knows who he is right now, but people don’t really know what he was like as a teenager. There aren’t really any clues and he wasn’t on TV like this back then. This is the time when most people are still trying to figure out who they are and it’s awkward at times. That’s a big part of teenage DJ’s storyline in the show. It’s really DJ finding out who he is and becoming the guy that everybody knows today.

BF: What people may not know is you shot the pilot in Australia.

BC: I had never left the country before they hit me with that in June. (laughs) I immediately hung up the phone and started taking care of all that. Then I started counting the days until I could leave my job at the grocery store and go to Australia. It was all a bit nerve-wracking because it’s not like going on vacation for two weeks. This was living in a foreign country for three and a half months shooting my first show.

We had to do a real quarantine once we got there. Two weeks alone in a locked hotel room with military guards making sure we didn’t leave. But as soon as we got out, it immediately went from nerves and fear of the unknown to the greatest time of my life. All of the people there, the cast and the crew are some of the sweetest people I have ever met.

Bradley Constant
Bradley Constant. (Photo Credit: Russell Baer/Courtesy of CORE PR.)

BF: Young Rock is also huge for you, as a starring role on a network TV sitcom. What do you want people to know about Bradley Constant as they get to watch you?

BC: I won’t say that there is any one specific thing that people need to know about me other than that I’m very passionate about everything I do. This is a super awesome show to be a part of. The cast is incredible; everyone is just so down to earth, so genuine and kind. We’re all passionate about this story and our characters. For me personally, as with every thing I do, I just want people to enjoy it. I know that Young Rock will put some smiles on people’s faces when they watch it, and I couldn’t be happier about that.

BF: Some of your interests are athletic as well. What are the things that you’re passionate about outside of acting?

BC: I love running. I know that sounds crazy. Say that to anybody else and they’re like “Oh, running? You’re crazy!” I even ran a marathon the day before my final audition for Young Rock. Thankfully those 26 miles didn’t beat me up too bad. I think it gave me the mental preparedness and just the right amount of soreness I needed for my audition.

I’m really motivated by genuine and hard-working people, especially those who want to give back. So I’m a huge Zendaya and Tupac Shakur fan for those reasons. This role is such an awesome opportunity for me and I’m so proud and grateful for it. I’ve dreamt of being a part of something like this for nearly a decade and now I have this feeling where I want to give back.

Honestly, I just think about someone coming home after a hard work day, putting on Young Rock and smiling. That’s the best part of my job. I’ve been there, with family struggles and making it through life. I think a lot of people will be able to relate to those situations within this show.

Young Rock premieres Tuesday, January 16 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

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