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Paxton Booth interview: Disney star expands his horizons

TV viewers know Paxton Booth for his role as Ollie Wrather in the Disney Channel series Coop and Cami Ask The World, which is currently in its second season. But that’s just one facet of the up-and-coming young actor, who recently joined me for an interview to talk about his wide variety of interests.

Brittany Frederick: What does it mean to you to be part of the Disney brand that’s so beloved by children and families?

Paxton Booth: It’s really cool, because every kid knows what the Disney Channel is. So it’s really fun to be part of something that almost everybody knows what it is. It’s a really fun opportunity.

BF: Now that you’ve entered your second season of Coop and Cami Ask The World, how have you enjoyed getting to further explore Ollie?

PB: It’s been really fun. I like season two a lot, because in season one we didn’t know much about Ollie, but in season two we’re watching him mature a lot more. We’re learning more about him, and it’s really fun to mature with the characters. So I’m really liking season two.

BF: Do you have a favorite moment for the character? What’s stood out to you from the show so far?

PB: One of my favorite scenes is when Ollie brought home a class pet. It was a ferret, so that meant we got to have a real ferret on set, and there was an entire scene where I got to hold a ferret. [It was] the cutest thing ever. I got to kiss it on the head and stuff. It was just adorable. That might not seem like a huge deal, because a lot of people own ferrets [as] pets, but they’re actually illegal in California. You have to have a license to own one. So it was a huge deal to me.

BF: Do you have a favorite other role that people should check out?

PB: I did a few episodes of a show called Teachers. It was really fun because I got to play the little brat. It’s the polar opposite of me, and it’s always fun to test your skills playing exactly what you don’t [normally] play or who you aren’t. It was kind of funny to get to talk back to adults.

BF: You have pets of your own; you recently adopted a puppy. Tell me about the new addition to your family.

PB: Her name is Ripley. I got her from Paw Works [and] she is named after Sigourney Weaver’s character in Alien.

BF: Animal rescue is one of the charitable causes you’re involved with. Why do you have such a passion for animals?

PB: There are so many animals out there that need homes in the shelters, and there’s no need to go to a breeder. I think what really inspires me is the actual animals, because with animals, their spirits never break when they’re in those scary, loud shelters. And when you take them home they will kiss you and they will love you till the end. They are the cutest little things ever.

BF: And when you’re not filming, you also have an interest in cars. Where did that interest come from?

PB: My mom and dad are huge car people, and I grew up going to car shows. I think that’s what sparked my love and interest of cars. The really cool thing about cars is there’s always something to learn, and every car is different. I also love hot rods because people take normal cars and they turn them into these crazy, unique, different cars. So there’s always something new to see and learn.

BF: You also have a book club, which is unique for someone your age. How did that come to be?

PB: I love to read. I actually have a virtual book club on Instagram called #PagesWithPaxton, and every month I do a new book. Right now I just finished Spy School by Stuart Gibbs, and I’m starting to read Guillermo del Toro’s Pan’s Labyrinth. They did a movie of that, but he just made a book adaptation. It’s a really fun thing to do, if anyone wants to read along with me.

BF: Who would you say is your biggest inspiration?

PB: I’m inspired by a lot of people, but I’m really inspired by my dad. He went into the police academy at 40 years old, as the oldest guy there, and he kicked that academy’s butt. Right now, he’s a Sheriff’s Deputy and he’s doing a really good job. He’s one of the toughest guys I know.

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