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Legion M ventures to Broadway with Darknights & Daydreams

Legion M, who’ve blazed a trail in the film and TV space by making fans part of the equation, are now expanding their footprint into theater. The company is helping to produce Michael Uslan’s play Darknights & Daydreams, based on his memoir The Boy Who Loved Batman, and has launched an Indiegogo campaign for fans to help get the show into production.

Darknights & Daydreams is Uslan’s love letter to the iconic DC Comics character Batman. It details how he grew up as a child who loved the character in his youth, then worked his way into the entertainment business to get the first Batman film onto the silver screen in 1980. Uslan owns the film rights to the Dark Knight and is behind every movie version fans have seen; outside of that, he’s also produced other comic adaptations like The Spirit and Catwoman.

It’s the perfect story for Legion M to get behind, and the organization has paired with one of the biggest brands in the Broadway world: Nederlander Worldwide Productions, which has produced smash hits for the stage such as Hamilton, The Lion King and Wicked. The combined team is aiming to bring Darknights & Daydreams to the Great White Way during the 2022-2023 season—which is where the fans come in.

Over $20,000 has already been raised from the Indiegogo campaign (more than four times the project’s goal!) and audiences still have an opportunity to get involved over the next few weeks. They can pledge as little as $10 to back the project, while higher donation tiers offer unique perks like signed copies of Uslan’s memoir, tickets to either virtual or in-person table reads, or chances to meet Uslan or Legion M executives.

“We have been incredibly excited about this project since we first read Michael Uslan’s amazing memoir, and we cannot wait to bring this story to audiences in-person around the country,” said Legion M’s Paul Scanlan via press release. “This marks the first time that Legion M has been involved in a Broadway production and we can’t think of a better, more perfect script with which to kick off this exciting new chapter of the company.”

Crowdfunding for Darknights & Daydreams is going on now through the end of June; you can find out more here. For more about Legion M and all of their current projects, visit their website.

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