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Julia Loggins continues her journey with latest book ‘Revolutionary Beauty’

Julia Loggins saved her own life, and since then she’s devoted her time and energy to helping others improve their well-being. Her latest book is entitled Revolutionary Beauty, and it walks viewers through the transformative steps of what’s known as the Bragg Healthy Lifestyle through Julia’s own upbeat point of view. I recently spoke with her about the writing process and her career in wellness, where she’s been paying it forward for years. Dive into Julia’s world in our interview, and if you want to learn more about her, check out her website.

Brittany Frederick: Revolutionary Beauty is your third book. How did you become interested in writing in the first place?

Julia Loggins: I wrote [her first book] Dare to Detoxify! because I wanted a book to give to my clients that talked about what we were doing together. I’ve been in practice almost 40 years and so I really wanted a book about gut health. And when I started almost 40 years ago, nobody was talking about it—the connection between the gut and the brain and the connection between gut health and our general health, let alone health and beauty. My first book was really a book written to my tribe and I just wanted it to be simple.

That led to my second book, which is when everybody said “Okay, we get it but what if we can’t see you? What if we can’t come to Santa Barbara and work with you?” I created a 21-day program that I walked people through in my second book. And then Revolutionary Beauty just launched and that’s my third.

BF: This book is credited to you with Patricia Bragg. What role did Patricia play in the development of the book?

JL: I wrote the book by myself, but it was really an homage to Patricia Bragg. We didn’t co-write it, but we are partnered in carrying on the legacy of what Paul and Patricia have stood for, which is health and happiness for everyone [and] sustainable living. They really launched the organic movement and Paul Bragg started the first health food store in America.

This book is really written for women and it’s written for a mainstream audience who really may not have the understanding about where health comes from [or] how to reclaim it. Let alone all the components of that, because this is a seven-step program that starts with our mind and our bodies and stress and trauma and goes all the way through to creating creativity and passion and purpose.

Julia Loggins
Julia Loggins. (Photo Credit: Courtesy of ICON PR.)

BF: The self-improvement market is a very crowded one; so many people have written on the subject. Are there particular parts of Revolutionary Beauty that you want to highlight, or that you would say set it apart in the crowd?

JL: What I think makes this book special is what I share in it is not only my own journey, but it’s the journey of our contributors. It is a crowded field and it’s a confusing field. All of my clients and patients are saying, what the heck do I eat? Who do I believe? The principles that I teach are a hundred years old and my goal was to create a really proven system and to share a very simple, accessible and proven system that any woman can do. She doesn’t have to have a lot of background knowledge to put her body, mind and spirit back together.

BF: How has your writing process changed from that first book some 15 years ago to now?

JL: Writing and learning to write well is a constant process. I had two editors work with me on this book; I had one editor who just looked at just the form and the organization, and then the next person who looked at it was somebody I’ve worked with a long time. We pulled her in to do the graphic design of the book but she said, “We’re going to walk through every word of this.” And she said, “What I want to make sure is that anyone can understand it.” So we would read a sentence and sometimes she would say to me, “Okay, I know you so well and I know this subject, and because you know this subject so well you’re skipping spaces. Let’s go back and start at the beginning and just fill in everything.”

I’m used to speaking to an audience that has a lot of awareness. By the time people get to me, they’ve usually seen every doctor on the planet. I was often called “the last stop before the Golden Gate Bridge,” because we see a lot of people here who haven’t had a lot of hope and this is where they find it. And so I really, really wanted Revolutionary Beauty to be as accessible as possible. I wanted it to feel entertaining but simple. It was a humbling process of becoming a better writer, and I feel like that’s a lifetime journey.

BF: You mentioned this earlier, but for people who read the book and can’t get to see you in person, are there resources that you would point them toward to continue their journeys?

JL: I have online courses that I’m relaunching this spring. They’re online courses where people go through 30 video modules of all of my work. But the best part is that anyone who signs up for them, we meet on Zoom every single week, live—so they’ve got me. They can ask me questions. They can get personal information. We can get to know each other, no matter where in the country or where in the world they are.

I’ve done these courses a lot and I’ve worked with people all over the place. That’s a place where we really get to have a personal relationship, and they’ve been a blast. They’ve been really intimate and people also get to meet other people, because we don’t all live with people that are doing the same thing we are. Say someone’s partner isn’t interested in any of this and they feel really alone; they meet people on the course that they become friends with. I’m super-excited to be able to offer that.

BF: Is there one particular message that you want to leave with readers?

JL: My message is that healing is possible. The healthier we are, then we have this foundation to put out our message, whatever it is. I believe that we all have a purpose and we all have a reason to be here…To me, it’s all about getting to do what you love to do every single day. If we’re in pain or we’re dealing with a disease or our bodies don’t work, it’s really hard to do that. So to me, being healthy is just a vehicle to do what we love.

Revolutionary Beauty is now available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other major retailers. For more about Julia and more resources, visit her website.

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