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The Deed Chicago season 2, episode 5 preview: Double dare

Getting one flip right is enough of a challenge, but in the next The Deed: Chicago, Sean Conlon has to deal with two – and two would-be flippers who are hoping to get their new business off to a big start.

In “The Bungalow Kings” (which sounds like a great title for a movie), the CNBC series has Sean working with two lifelong friends who bought Chicago bungalows literally down the street from one another. This is very much “it seemed like a good idea at the time” territory, especially since they’re planning on renovating both properties simultaneously. Either this is going to be great, or it’ll be a great disaster.

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To say which would be spoiling, but the premise does allow for yet another take on the real estate business. On The Deed and other shows, TV viewers have heard repeatedly how one person working on more than one property is a huge mistake, whether it’s one contractor who’s working on several properties and focused on none, or a developer who has spread their resources too thin.

What we haven’t seen is two people trying to work on two properties in concert. That’s a whole different approach and a whole different set of logistics. Sean points out early on that it can actually be a huge positive, because by employing the same crews and also coordinating their schedules, they can save time and money. And it’s easy to make work, because the two work sites are minutes apart.

“The Bungalow Kings” is also another The Deed: Chicago episode where Sean is getting in on the ground level. This season, the majority of flippers he’s worked with have been first-time entrepreneurs. His expertise is valuable at any level, but he has a particular touch for helping out these newcomers, educating them and making them feel comfortable going forward. That, in turn, also has made this a great season for viewers because it’s right at that entry level where anyone can understand.

Another strength that’s coming across more clearly this season is how much Sean is a true collaborator with the people that he invests in. Wednesday’s episode is another one where he actively uses people’s strengths in his business plan. That’s just good business (why wouldn’t you utilize a top-notch designer’s experience?) but it also makes the show feel more complete. The Deed: Chicago isn’t a series where Sean turns up, writes a check and then takes over. He expects people to show up, and he respects what they do.

Hopefully it goes on for several more seasons, because based on this episode and the rest of this season, there are still plenty of new situations that Sean can venture into.

The Deed: Chicago airs Wednesdays at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on CNBC.

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