Wait, I Have A Blog?

I want to apologize to my readers for largely falling off the planet for the last 18 months. I disappeared into my work for awhile, while I was trying to earn a full-time position with FanSided. Unfortunately I didn’t get a full-time offer, so I’m still working freelance, which for me equates to more than full-time hours anyway. As you can imagine, you forget you have a blog when you’re working 70 hours a week.

Even if I’d remembered I had a blog, though, I wouldn’t have had much interesting to tell you. There hasn’t been much going on here except work, sleep, and that third time I blew up my microwave a couple of weeks ago.

I’m still here, still grinding it out, and hoping there will be more to tell you in the coming months. I have a couple of major trips planned (mostly for work, but they’ll be fun anyway), and I’m using my free time to catch up on a lot of things. Still hoping to get that Masters Degree, and watching an awful lot of HGTV and Live PD. (Hey, those rhymed.)

Watch this space. If you want more timely updates, follow me on Twitter, but this story’s not over yet—just a bit delayed.