+500 Points That Don’t Matter

It’s been another long while since I’ve blogged, so I’m going to cover a variety of things this time around.


One Chicago Center hit its 500th post this week. That’s a big milestone, and it cramps my brain to realize I’ve accomplished it in less than five months. The site is already within the Top 100 of the entire FanSided network. I heard that and breathed a major sigh of relief, because most of you probably have no idea how much I’ve stressed over getting it to work.

I put my reputation on the line when I asked FanSided to launch the site in the first place. I’ve spent the last seven months (five plus the two I spent in development) with most of my life invested into the site. I do the majority of the work and I’ve given up quite a bit to do it. So to reach 500 is something I’m proud of.

Thanks to all of you who’ve been a part of that, and supported the site through everything. A particular shoutout to my TV doctor Jeff Hephner, who was the first person to get behind me on this, and who’s done more than his fair share of tweeting and retweeting, and reminding me that I am not a crazy person.

Thanks as well to my actor friends who graciously took time out of their days so I could interview them, to the network social media reps who supported my content and my bad jokes, and to the fans who keep clicking to make sure the lights stay on. I literally couldn’t do it without you. (I think my favorite compliment I’ve gotten was Colin Donnell telling me he’s enjoyed seeing my work grow into this. When one of your favorite actors tells you something like that, it makes all the sleepless nights worth it.)

Upfronts, Downbeats

Speaking of sleepless nights, let’s talk about the upfronts.

I hate the upfronts every year. They are the only point in the year during which I am driven actively to drink. Luckily for me, drinking consists of two venti frappucinos and three bottles of Mountain Dew, because otherwise I’d be on the floor. There’s just so much stress that I can’t take it.

For me it’s not just about whether or not a favorite show is renewed. I’m thinking about the people I know who are involved in said shows, and the hundreds of crew members, all of whom may or may not still be employed. And selfishly, I’m thinking about whether or not I’m going to see them again.

One of the cool things about working in television is that you form ongoing relationships with people. Every time a show is picked up for another season, that’s another year of press events that I get to see someone at, or another chance I can get them on the phone for an interview. It keeps them in my life. When that show goes away, I don’t know how long it may be until we cross paths again.

I was elated over the renewal of Chicago Med because it means I get to hopefully spend more time with Colin and Patti; I’ve really enjoyed becoming friends with them and being inspired by them. At the same time, Jeff got written out in the finale, so I’m really sad that he won’t be there if and when I come back to Chicago.

And I’m getting more and more upset over the lack of news on Chicago Justice. Everyone there has been so welcoming to me, and such a pleasure to work with, and I don’t want to think of them not being there. One of the best things about being involved in this franchise has been how much time Philip and I have gotten to spend together over the past year, and I don’t want to wonder when the next time we see each other is going to be. I’ve got a Whirlyball team to field again in December, and suddenly I could be going back there without him, or Monica, or Connor, or Lindsey, or Jeff. It’ll just be me and Colin standing next to each other while I get progressively drunker on Mountain Dew.

So I’m literally sitting up all night, writing every freaking column I can think of just to do one more thing to hopefully help, waiting for the second we all hear.

This is why I hate the upfronts.

Indy 500

While all this madness is going on, I’m also working non-stop at my second job as FanSided’s IndyCar beat reporter. The month of May is the biggest month in IndyCar, and by the time you read this I’ll be up watching qualifying for next weekend’s Indianapolis 500.

I had the honor of going to the 100th Indianapolis 500 last year and it nearly killed me. The race was great, but I had to walk six miles in triple-digit heat, got heatstroke, and then got stranded in Atlanta coming home. If you look very closely in the above photo of me with Indy 500 winner Alexander Rossi (I’m near the rear wing of the car), you can already see how my skin has been unfathomably nuked by the sun.

Part of me feels strange not being there, considering it’s the biggest race in IndyCar and I’m supposed to be on top of all things IndyCar. But then I think about how I nearly wound up in an ER and I realize, probably best to watch this one from the couch.

Although I do find it cool that Marcus Lemonis, someone I think is awesome, has his company sponsoring my favorite car.

If you need me, I’ll be working on the 12 articles I owe today, while yelling something about Scott Dixon and trying not to lean too heavily on the Dew.

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  1. Oh Indy 500, what good times you’ve supplied! Some so good I barely remember themπŸ˜‰ Good times at the track! 🏁🍻🏁


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